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Project Consulting
Consulting, needs assessment
As a leading provider, it is extremely important to us that we provide you with comprehensive and expert advice. The ISS specialists will support you in your search for the right solution. We will show you what opportunities our innovative solutions can create for you and also where we see potential for improvement so that you can work more efficiently, comfortably and economically. We would be delighted to share our extensive experience, which spans a period of over 30 years.

Analyses, feasibility studies
For more complex projects, we recommend that you commission a more in-depth analysis and/or a feasibility study. Detailed actual and target investigations - taking technical feasibility into account - are the only way to ensure that all the relevant factors and framework conditions are included in the new solution. We aim to find the optimal solution for your needs in terms of requirements such as cost-effectiveness, security, quality, speed, design etc.

Concepts, cost calculations
Planning and designing new solutions generally requires investing a lot of money. If mistakes are made at this stage, it is usually very expensive to rectify them later. Our engineers and specialists are happy to help you to draw up concepts, specifications and calculate costs.

Infrastructure evaluations
Choosing the right equipment and components has an impact on the project and operational costs. Our engineers and specialists will create thorough evaluation and test reports for you. You will benefit from our extensive experience and our state-of-the-art technology.

Test installation, product demonstrations
The best way for you to see and experience the improvements and advantages that a new ISS solution will bring you is to see the solution at work in your own operations, to see it “live”. We are thus able to carry out a test installation for you on request so that you have the opportunity to test the advantages of our system solutions extensively and from a practical perspective. This also enables us to ascertain the ease of use and other factors more effectively. We are also happy to arrange for you to visit the solutions that we have already implemented elsewhere.

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