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Why our solutions with Planar Displays Excel

Multi-unit, virtually seamless video walls offer a focal point for the operation, allowing staff to view the same information at the same time. This provides a complete picture to all hands, at any viewing angle. Multi-source electronic data can converge on the display, fed from closed-circuit cameras, television news and other points. Staff can anticipate, decide and act much more quickly and decisively, deploying resources more efficiently and effectively.

Small or mobile command centers especially benefit from low power consumption and heat dissipation, and high resolution display with minimal space requirements. It's why Planar displays are found wherever the mission comes first.

CONTROL ROOM ErgonomicS & Design
Individualized ergonomics
IT (Information Technology) has been occupying a prominent place in developped countries for years now. Indeed, we moved from "homo erectus" (standing man) to "homo sedens" (sitting man) which is really harmful for our health. Affections are numerous, linked to repetitive gestures but also, on the contrary, to an over-static job. As a consequence, ergonomics become a fundamental step in working tools design in order to reduce and even to solve MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders) or vision troubles.
Improving working conditions is also a way to increase a company global performance. The staff turnover will be decreased, the working teams will be more efficient and their loyalty will be secured. Indeed, when an employee suffers, he is tired, less concentrated, demotivated and as a consequence less productive. This is especially true when those pains become incapacitating and lead him to a temporary or permanent work disability. The additional cost of an ergonomic desk is finally compensated by the decrease of absenteeism (penalizing for the company) and is rapidly amortized. Furthermore, a company that is taking care of its employees will benefit from a positive corporate image, which is important for its customers and future employees.

Design really matters

ISS and its partner CRAIE attach a large importance to functional design but also to the aesthetic part of products. A visually pleasant work space will contribute to the operators better-being and motivation. This is why our flaship, the I-Kube, received the "Observeur du Design" label by the APCI (Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation) that rewards the best realizations every year (products, spaces, services) from all kind of fields of activity.

State-of-the-art design tools

 In order to bring fast and customized answers to our customers we work on 3D photo-realistic images to give our customers a more precise idea of their future installations. This interactive tool allows us to refine our proposals as well as to ease our customers decisions. The use of 3D tools also reduces manufacturing and delivery times thanks to its compatibility with numerical command production machines.

 Upon specific request, we can also develop videos, enabling you to see your furniture in motion and details.

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